The 12 Tribes of Israel map
The 12 Tribes of Israel map

    The 12 Tribes of Israel map


      This is a single slide editable biblical map of the 12 tribes of Israel created in PowerPoint format. It illustrates the biblical map of ancient Israel and features its 12 sections for the 12 tribes named after Jewish patriarch, Jacob’s sons.

      Insert text or verses, create overlays, ungroup the territories, and integrate this slide into your presentations. Bible history and religion classes use our maps for comparing ancient Israel and modern-day Israel. With this slide, you can save hours of time trying to find Bible locations in Israel by yourself since it is already done. Build on it and make an impactful presentation.

      Product Features & Benefits: 

      • Fully editable customizable PowerPoint slides
      • Range of layout options that are easy to edit
      • Easy to change colors, shadows, fonts, text and backgrounds
      • Design elements can be added, modified or deleted
      • Better than Clip Art: Using elements created in PowerPoint gives flexibility to design.

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